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Student Leadership Council

The SparkNC Student Leadership Council assists our team in designing rich learning experiences. Students provide feedback on programs and plans, survey other students about their interests in high-tech pathways, and engage in collaborative design.


Click below for an EdNC article about student input into our launch design.

Download Student Design Sprint Feedback Summaries

Through the Student Design Sprint, 32 students and more than 20 parents and 30 district innovation leads offered ideas and feedback, captured in the summaries below.

Design Sprint Student Summary

2.8 MB

Design Sprint Parent Summary

1.8  MB

Design Sprint Innovation Lead Summary

1.5 MB

"I think the reason students are not choosing high-tech jobs is because they are intimidating on the surface. These jobs are intimidating because we don't know the required skillset.

If we gained more exposure maybe the jobs would not seem so daunting."


Aleksandar - SparkNC 

Student Advisory Council

Student Design Sprint

On April 7-8, 2022, with the generous support of Live Oak Bank, SparkNC brought high school students from across North Carolina to Wilmington and asked them a simple yet profound question: What kinds of learning experiences might you design to help students learn about, prepare for, and pursue high-tech jobs?


In small groups, assisted by our partner nonprofit  District C, students brainstormed and designed their answers. Each group then "pitched" their answer to a group of expert panelists from education, business, and government. Watch the video below for a sneak peek into the design process.

"Students may not have access to resources or opportunities needed to start their education within these fields."

Cayden - SparkNC Student Advisory Council

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