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Our Video & Discussion Guide and Post-Conference Resource Guide  are free to download. 

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Should We Hack Humanity?

2022 Education and Leadership Conference


October 31, 2022

Presented by SparkNC and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM)

Session Videos Discussion Guide | Additional AI & Ethics Resources


With the generous support of event sponsors Cisco and the Broyhill Family Foundation.

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In-Person and Virtual Student Attendees


North Carolina Schools 


Adults Representing Tech and Education

 SparkNC and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics co-hosted The 2022 Ethics and Leadership Conference: Should We Hack Humanity? on October 31st for students from across North Carolina to engage with the topic of ethical tech. Students attending in-person and virtually learned from experts and explored the potential and pitfalls of artificial intelligence advances in industry, criminal justice, education and more!

Session Videos Discussion Guide | Additional AI & Ethics Resources

Check out our highlight video below.

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HumAIn: Empowering Inclusion with Technology 

Noelle Silver Russell kicks off the 2022 Ethics and Leadership Conference for students by sharing how her own personal background and story pushed her to help build more inclusive technologies. Additionally, she speaks about some of the unintentional consequences of building a popular, AI-powered, household technology

Session Discussion Guide 

AI In Your Neighborhood

Renée Cummings discusses her varied career path before she landed on the study of justice, privacy, and technology. She advocates for the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives as society moves towards a new, technological frontier. Noelle and Renée sit down to take questions from high-school students and explore answers to questions such as "how do you realistically view the future of technology and how does that concern and excite you?"

Session Discussion Guide 

AI in the Exam Room: Corporations and

Government Have Your DNA

Charlotte Dungan explores questions surrounding the intersection of technology, medicine, and ethics. In doctor's offices, AI tools are recording your visit. If you take a vacation to Disney World, they collect your fingerprints and can use that biometric information. At-home DNA testing and newborn genetic screening results in the government and for-profit companies keeping and using your genetic information. This session helps students consider who has access to our bodily data, what they can do with it, and why we should care.

Session Discussion Guide 

Hands On AI Tools

Charlotte Dungan introduces a variety of artificial intelligence tools for creating. This interdisciplinary session explores tools related to music, art, and other subjects to allow students to grasp the ways in which technology and our world are already utilizing AI and the ethical considerations in their use. 

Session Discussion Guide 

What’s Next?

Noelle Silver Russell, Renée Cummings, and Charlotte Dungan speak about their individual paths to careers in tech, including their own challenges and how they chose to overcome them. They speak about their "bad days" and what they learned from them. And they share encouragement for others who are not sure they should be in high-tech fields. 

Session Discussion Guide

Meet the Speakers

Just because we can harness the potential of technology in these ways, does that mean we should? If we do, what will be the consequences–good and bad–for fairness? For privacy? For democracy? Humans have the power to shape the future of technology in ways that are responsible, ethical, and humane. But we could also do the opposite.

The event speakers, Noelle Silver Russell, Renee Cummings and Charlotte Dungan shared their career journeys into AI and data science as women, people of color, and those who had non-traditional academic pathways. Volunteers from local tech companies facilitated conversations with students and shared their own journeys.

Noelle Silver Russell

MC & Featured Speaker

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Learn more about Noelle here

Renée Cummings

Featured Speaker

Artificial Intelligence Ethicist

Learn more about Renée here

Charlotte Dungan

Featured Speaker

Chief Operating Officer

The AI Education Project

Learn more about Charlotte here

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