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SparkNC is a transformative new initiative that will accelerate learner progress along pathways to careers in high-tech fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, computer systems engineering, and cybersecurity.

Credential Maps

SparkNC is a transformative new initiative in North Carolina dedicated to accelerating learner progress along pathways to careers in high-tech fields. As part of our commitment, we provide resources and tools that help young people explore and navigate credential opportunities that will prepare them for high-demand, high-paying careers. For learners interested in a high-tech careers, building skills and experience with common computer programming languages is an important first step to entering careers in cybersecurity, computer systems engineering and software development.


Format the program is offered in, such as: online, in-person or hybrid.


What the participant receives upon completion of the program/course, such as: a credential, credit or certificate.

Industry Credential

Shows which industry credentials the participant can earn through the course or program.

Time & Cost

Shares how long the program takes and the cost in tuition and fees.


Describes the course in more detail, including: topics covered, credits earned, and other relevant information.


Identifies any prerequisites necessary to enroll and shares a link to the course.

Find Cybersecurity Programs By District
Find Computer Programming Programs By District

This 77-page credential map catalog provides detailed information about coding credential and degree programs available within The Innovation Project (TIP) member districts and virtually across North Carolina.


Each program description provides details about the learning format, credentials earned, length, cost, and other relevant information to help each learner find the right fit. The key shows what is in each catalog entry.

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