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Amie Caudle - Creative Director

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This is Amie’s 19th year in education, proud teacher for ten years, assistant principal for five years, and Innovation Coach/Director of Professional Development for three years.  Amie has received numerous awards, including being named Teach or the Year,  North Carolina Public School’s Hero by the Department of Public Instruction with her work in professional development during the Pandemic, and Discovery Education’s DENY award in the area of innovation in professional development. She has traveled across the country presenting at conferences including NCTIES, CEU, and ISTE. She has worked to launched various conferences, virtual and in person, and had over 30,000 users with her work in virtual webinars across the state of North Carolina. Amie worked to launch a K-8 virtual school in response to the Pandemic that operated with 100+ staff and 3,000 students. Amie’s goal is to THINK differently about the way we deliver and receive professional development and is excited to join this new experience to help marginalized students learn, grow, and be exposed to high-tech careers.

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