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We are passionate about transforming learning, particularly for those who have been disengaged or left behind by traditional systems. We are deliberative and strategic, but also  impatient and driven to action. We believe strongly in public education and the power of innovative educators to build impactful, personalized learning experiences for all kinds of learners. Links to open positions appear below.

If you have questions, please contact

Donate to SparkNC

All North Carolina students should have opportunities to ignite their futures in tech. Your gift today supports SparkNC in providing more high-quality, engaging learning experiences to North Carolina students.

SparkNC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal EIN: 92-1765886. Your contribution is tax deductible as allowable by law. If you would like to donate by phone or by mailing a check, please contact

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Live Units are designed and led by SparkLab Leaders and industry experts in a live format either in-person or virtually in SparkLabs. Live Units will be available to students across the network of SparkNC districts and are great for those who enjoy learning in a cohort and a time-limited way. Keep checking on the SparkNC platform for new Live Units that will be launched throughout the year!

Experiential Units are live events and programs such as student conferences and summits, hack-a-thons, teamships, job shadowing and hands-on learning opportunities. They might be offered in SparkLabs, at high-tech companies, with university and community college partners, or at other sites across participating communities. Experiential Units take place in real-world settings that help learners build familiarity and comfort within professional and high-tech environments.

On-Demand Units on the SparkNC platform are available for learners to choose and complete at any time that works for them. These Units can be done by a single learner, or students can partner with others to learn in a small group to collaborate and encourage one another's progress.



Students own their learning journeys. SparkNC lets students choose learning experiences to explore fields like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, game development & design, and computer systems engineering.


Through partnerships with tech businesses, SparkNC helps students develop professional networks and build the “success skills” employers value. Students gain a competitive edge by completing real-world projects that create strong portfolios of relevant work.


Students move at the pace of learning. They can speed up, or slow down, based on their passions, their abilities, and their learning styles. SparkNC sets learning targets and empowers expert educators to advise and support students on personalized paths to success.

What We Do.

SparkNC is supporting NC districts to pilot new interdistrict approaches to teaching and learning that will accelerate student progress on pathways to careers in high-tech fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, computer systems engineering, and cybersecurity.

Why We Do It?

Too few learners know about high-tech jobs that will dominate the future job market in North Carolina. Even fewer see pathways for themselves into these jobs.

Partner with SparkNC

We are grateful for your interest in partnering with us! Please check back soon, as we are preparing a menu of partnership opportunities with details including types of partner engagement and expected time commitments. In the meantime, to inquire about partnership opportunities please contact

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